Online Tennis Betting at Parimatch

Many users from India and other countries choose Parimatch as one of the best sports betting agencies in the world. Since the 1990s (when Parimatch was founded) it has remained popular among clients from different parts of our planet. Tennis betting is available at Parimatch among many other kinds of sports. The users prefer this betting site for many reasons, including great graphics, an easy registration process, and great odds.

Online Tennis Betting

How to Bet on Tennis?

If you are an Indian and you’ve decided to try live tennis betting at Parimatch, just follow our four-step instructions.

1. Sign up for the site.

Many users worldwide refuse to register at sports betting platforms because of the tons of information they have to provide. For tennis betting here, just press the “Sign Up” button, then provide your phone number and create a password. After that, you should click “Sign Up” again, and voila! – You are one step closer to tennis betting online.

2. Make a deposit.

The next step a user from India should do to make the rates and then enjoy great wages at this platform is to deposit some cash. The site administration values each client from India and tries its best to make the process of money depositing faster and easier for online users. Nowadays, a lot of payment methods, widespread in India, are available at Parimatch for those who are interested in tennis betting, such as:

  • UPI;
  • Paytm;
  • Indian NetBanking;
  • AstroPay Card;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Cryptocurrency and others.

How to bet on tennis

Make sure, you’ve put at least 300 rupees into your account. Now, you are ready to get the deposit amount up to %150. You can pass the registration process successfully, only after pressing the “I am 18 years old” button. Enjoy your tennis betting!

3. Choose “Tennis” among other kinds of sports at Parimatch.

So, now you are ready to start tennis betting online.

To make the rates on various tennis tournaments, just choose “tennis” among other kinds of sports available at this betting platform. We know that tennis betting hasn’t been so popular in India before – the citizens of this country preferred other sport games, like cricket or football. But tennis has become more popular nowadays, and the Parimatch booking agency put lots of effort to make this noble kind of sport famous among clients from India.

4. Withdraw your money after winning.

The money withdrawal process is quite easy at Parimatch. Just click the “Cash Out” button and then choose the withdrawal option.

Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting Options and Lines

There are several main lines in tennis betting online. The first one is the so-called money line. In this case, the punter tries to guess which of the tennis players is going to win. The other one is the so-called set line. In this case, it is necessary to guess the winner of each set (sometimes the player can lose the match in general but win a set from it). Finally, there’s an over/under the line when it’s necessary to predict what amount of games the player will win in general during the tournament. Parimatch offers options for each line; let’s shortly discuss the main types of tennis betting available on this platform.

  1. Match winner bets. As you can guess, the main aim of this bet is to predict who will win the match. Tennis is a great kind of sport for this type of betting because there are just two variants you should choose between. No draw is possible in tennis. That’s a great advantage of tennis betting online.
  2. Handicap. In this case, the punter tries to guess a certain amount of games the player will win. The handicap can be negative and positive. If you choose the negative handicap (-3), for example, then you’ll be successful if the player wins at least 4 games. If you choose the positive handicap (3), then you’ll win your bet in case your player gets at least 3 victories.
  3. Set a winner. Each tennis match has three sets. In case if you place a bet that the particular player wins the first set – and that happens, your tennis betting process will be successful, even if the player loses the match in general.
  4. Total. If you choose this tennis betting option, then you need to predict the total amount of games the player will win during the match.

Tennis Betting Options and Lines

Best Tennis Betting Odds and Tips

Many players like to place bets at Parimatch just to relax, to have some fun, and to try his/her luck. But there are also other players, which make tennis betting more predictable. These people win bets more often. How can they do it?

There are some tips, which can help him/her to win the bets more often and become richer so fast. The easiest thing is just to choose the highest-rated tennis player and bet on this person. But there are some tips you should keep in mind to make your tennis betting online more predictable.

First of all, pay attention to the state of mind and shape of your favorite player. Very often the strong athlete can lose just because of the bad weather or the court cover. Besides, the level of the player’s motivation is also important. Of course, each player puts lots of effort to win Wimbledon but can relax and become inattentive during the small unimportant tournament. Keep in mind these tips to win!

Best Tennis Odds and Tips

Your Perfect Bonus for Tennis Betting

Each bookmaker can offer you lots of tennis betting online options. But why do Indians prefer Parimatch to other platforms? That’s because of the perfect bonuses Parimatch offers to its bettors.

Each Indian player can get the first bonus from Parimatch immediately after registration. After making a 350 rupees deposit, the player will get up to 150% of the bonus to his/her account. That kind of bonus is called a welcome one.

up to 150 on first deposit

Tennis Live Betting

In-play and Live Tennis Streaming

It’s possible to make pre-match tennis rates in India, but live tennis betting is even more popular. Unlike other sport games, tennis is very dynamic and the situation here can change very fast. That’s why many experienced gamblers prefer this kind of betting to others. Very often the punters place bets for a winner of each game while watching the tennis match online. The results of the bet can be received very fast during in-play tennis streaming at Parimatch.

Tennis Mobile Betting

Mobile Tennis Betting

Parimatch cares about its users and allows each Indian bettor to enjoy tennis betting online comfortably.

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