Parimatch Virtual Sports Betting

Have you ever been interested in virtual sports betting? All the sports fans would like such a piece of entertainment as it’s pretty similar to real-life sports events. Nevertheless, it’s easier, affordable, and has a lot of other advantages. Parimatch is the best place for betting as it offers a lot of sports and betting opportunities for its customers as well as great promotions.

Try to bet on virtual sports, and you won’t be disappointed. You don’t have to wait long hours for the start of the game as such events run around the clock. Moreover, they don’t require deep sports knowledge, and any unpredictable outcomes are impossible. Due to such benefits, eSports became extremely popular and are provided by many platforms. Virtual sports betting is great for both inexperienced bettors who want to try their luck as well as professionals who can gain a lot of profit. Don’t hesitate as big real money prizes are waiting for you!

Virtual Sports Betting

Types of Virtual Sports to Bet

Visiting Parimatch, you may find many different types of virtual sports. As a rule, among them are the most popular sports from real life. The list is quite long, so let’s take a look at the greatest types:

  1. Football. Probably the most popular one. You have a unique chance to make the most unbelievable bets here as virtual matches include games between different teams, countries, leagues, and many others. Virtual sports betting includes the majority of options provided by betting on real sports, so you can bet on a team who will win, the number of goals, and so forth. Also, bettors can check out a visual representation of a game, but as a rule, it contains only several minutes of the most important moments. However, the graphics of virtual sports are high-quality bringing you thrills similar to a real-life football game;
  2. Basketball. It’s another great team game that has a digital interpretation. Just like football, it covers a lot of teams, nations, and championships. Also, you can make various bets as well. Due to modern technologies, it’s very interesting to take part in virtual sports betting as mechanics consider different tactics and characteristics of players as well as generate the element of luck. In this way, virtual basketball is pretty similar to its real-life version;
  3. Horse races. Just like betting on its prototype, you need to predict the horse which will come first and win the race. This virtual sports type looks great due to its realistic graphics and high-quality animations. Recently, it became one of the most popular eSports in the betting industry;
  4. And many others.

Types of virtual sports bets

Bonus for Virtual Betting

One of the most exciting features that can significantly impact your experience betting on eSports is promotional offers provided by Parimatch. They are great for virtual sports betting as you can bet more spending lesser funds. Promotional offers can be divided into several categories:

Deposit promoReplenishing an account on a certain sum, you will receive it grown by a certain percentage. According to the conditions of some promos, you may receive a fixed additional sum of cash instead.
No deposit promoProbably the most beloved types of bonuses for all virtual sports fans. You don’t have to top up the balance to get a reward. Instead, you need to meet some simple requirements such as signing up for a profile. In return, some extra cash will be added to your balance.
Free betMaking successful bets, the bookmaker may provide you with the possibility to make a bet free of charge. It’s a great opportunity to check provided virtual sports betting offers without spending cash. If it was successful, you will get a prize. Nevertheless, if it fails, your balance will remain the same.
Risk-free betTo use this promo, you need to check out its conditions. As a rule, by making a bet up to a particular sum and losing it, you won’t lose any funds. Sometimes, it’s available for only a certain type of virtual sports.

Virtual Betting Bonus

How to Bet on Virtual Sports?

Compared with traditional betting, making bets on eSports is much easier. You need to follow several easy steps below to try virtual sports betting and gain your first success:

  1. Create a profile on the platform and verify it. Provide all the required information and confirm the terms of the website;
  2. Replenish your balance. Top up the sum you need to start playing. Remember, that there are a lot of promotional offers that may increase your deposit;
  3. Select a virtual sports type you are interested in and make a bet. Don’t forget to check the odds to make it more successful;
  4. Receive your funds if you won.

How to bet on virtual sports

Advice for Betting on Virtual Sports

Although eSports is much regulated compared with real-life sports, there are still a lot of details that can help you gain success in virtual sports betting. In this way, consider some tips below:

  • Select a sport with some lesser variants to bet on. Despite eSports simulating games according to the statistics and skills of participants, they are still quite random. Hence, the possibility of successful prediction increases. However, it’s more related to race-based virtual sports types;
  • Don’t make big wagers. Despite unpredictable circumstances being impossible, the randomness doesn’t disappear as well. Accordingly, it’s quite risky to bet big sums. Nevertheless, making several successful small bets may bring a lot of profit in total;
  • Bet on the best players and teams. Despite the randomness, some participants of a game are usually better than others. According to odds for virtual sports betting, such players have more chances to win.

Virtual Sports Betting Advice

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