Online League of Legends Betting at Parimatch

Do you want to place some bets on one of the most popular MOBA games ever? You should try Parimatch, as this bookmaker platform provides exciting League of Legends betting features for all the customers from India. The website is provided with a very friendly interface, so it won’t take a lot of your time to learn how to use it. A lot of great options, odds, live streaming, and lots of other offers are waiting for you. Also, you may try League of Legends betting online via mobile device.

How to bet on League of Legends

How to Bet on League of Legends?

Making bets on Parimatch is more than easy! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Register on the online establishment and verify your profile. You need to provide required personal information, confirm the rules of the website, and verify your email to take part in League of Legends betting online;
  2. Replenish your balance on the sum you are going to bet with;
  3. Find a particular match you want to place a wager on. Check out its odds;
  4. Place a bet and win!

How to bet on LOL

League of Legends Betting Options and Lines

There are a lot of wager variants for you provided by the website, including even live League of Legends betting. Among the most popular options and lines are:

First BloodOne of the riskiest types of bets. You need to predict which team will make the first kill. As a rule, the results will be revealed in the first minutes of the match.
First Who Will Kill Baron NashorBaron Nashor is a strong monster who drops a helpful buff which gives a lot of bonuses to the ones who killed him. This type of League of Legends betting online requires you to predict a team that will kill the monster first.
The Lengths of MatchYou need to predict the duration of the game as it runs until one team will exceed another. There are two types of such bets: The website provides you with an average length of games. To win cash in this League of Legends betting type, you need to predict if the match will be under or above the mentioned duration. The match is divided by intervals, and you need to choose the interval when it ends.

Betting options and lines

Best League of Legends Betting Odds and Tips

No matter if you are going to place a standard bet or try live League of Legends betting, it’s always worth considering some important points to gain success. Check them out:

  • Before placing a wager, always check out the odds provided by the platform. You’ll find a lot of statistics, rates, and much other useful information that may help you to predict the outcomes of the game successfully;
  • It’s very important for League of Legends betting to understand the game and its basics. Moreover, with each update, the mechanics of the game change, so take these features into account;
  • Watch games. A strong team from last year may become a weak one for today and vice versa;
  • Take into account the tactics and gaming style of a team you want to bet on. Perhaps, they won’t work each time.

League of Legends betting odds

Your Perfect Bonus for League of Legends Betting

There is a great promotional offer provided by Parimatch for its clients! You need to meet simple requirements, and in return, a generous reward is waiting for you.

  • Create and verify your profile on the platform if you haven’t done it previously;
  • To enjoy League of Legends betting online, you need to replenish the balance with at least 300 INR;
  • In return, you will receive it 150% bigger (up to 12,000 INR)

Bonus for LOL Betting

League of Legends Live Betting

In-play and Live League of Legends Streaming

The platform provides you with the possibility to watch matches live. It’s great for live League of Legends betting, as you can place bets after the match has started taking into account the mood of players and other unpredictable features. Furthermore, you can watch several games simultaneously.

Mobile LOL Betting

Mobile League of Legends Betting

Parimatch offers a mobile version of the platform to users of the majority of modern mobile devices that run on Android and iOS. Just visit the official website of the bookmaker and download the application from it. League of Legends betting via mobile is very convenient, as you can play from any place where the connection to the Internet is available.

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