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In general, rummy is a fairly popular game in the West, which is played between two to four people. The goal of the game is to change cards to get a hand with the minimum number of points. Now there are separate rummy rooms on the network, where, as in the club poker, you can play different versions of the game against live people around the world. The game itself appeared somewhere in the 19th century, and there are several versions of the origin of classic rummy (from poker, from the Spanish game conquian, from Asian games).

This version of the three-card rummy is very simplified in comparison with the original. In fact, there remain only the basic principles of counting points in the hands.

Rummy Game in India

How to Start Playing Rummy for Real Money at Parimatch

To start playing, you just need to register. All users who are at least 18 years old can do this. To create an account:

  1. Go to the bookmaker’s official website;
  2. Click on the “Sign-Up” button;
  3. Enter your name;
  4. Enter your date of birth;
  5. Enter your phone number;
  6. Enter your email address;
  7. Think of a password;
  8. Agree with the rules of accepting bets;
  9. Click on “Sign-Up”;
  10. Enter the SMS code you receive to your number;
  11. Click on “Confirm phone number”.

If you experience any problems during the registration process, please contact the Parimatch support team immediately.

How to start playing rummy

Rummy Bonus for New Customers

Immediately after registration to play a rummy game, any player receives a nice offer to double his individual balance. Parimatch gives 150% on the deposit of 20,000 Indian rupees. This prize can be wagered 5 once in expresses with at least 3 positions. Betting on any position must be at least 1.4. The 1st deposit bonus code can be redeemed immediately after depositing. Enter the promo code in the special betting section of the coupon, select all kinds of cheap positions in the line and place the required amount of money. As soon as the bet is finished, you will be able to eliminate the prize or apply it to a proper bet.

Rummy Bonus For New Customers

Rummy Variations to Play

Here are two other versions of rummy that are very popular.

500 ROMA or Pinochle

500 Roma is another famous game of rummy, the leading difference is that when two players are entering the game, any player receives 13 cards.

Double Rummy

This Rummy game has its own personal set of rules that make the game original.

The deck for this version of Rummy uses 106 cards, with 2 of the 4 jokers removed from the deck.

Autonomous of the number of players playing, there is a 10 card deal for each player. The scoring is similar to that of the regular rammy, except for the ace, which is 11, and the joker, which is 15 points.

Rummy Variations

Virtual or Live Game

Online casinos with live dealers can be attributed to something in-between the games in the VIP room and the games in the virtual.

The pluses of the classic rummy game with a live dealer include:

  • The entourage of a real gambling establishment: there is a table, you can hear all the sounds accompanying the game;
  • You see all the dealer’s actions;
  • There is no GCG at all, your winnings depend on luck;
  • A dealer is usually an intelligent person who is just pleasant to talk to;
  • All the necessary graphic elements are made of very high quality.


  • Your Internet must be “flying:” more than 256 Kbps;
  • You cannot communicate with those who are at the same table as you;
  • Your English must be very good, as it is the main language of communication between the live dealer and the players.

Parimatch online casino offers not only slot machines, not only the ability to bet on sports but also games with the best live dealers.

Virtual or Live Game

Rummy Terms and Conditions

Before you start playing, it is advisable to read the Terms and Conditions section of Parimatch. These terms and conditions, minimum and maximum bets, and anything else you may need to know about the game.

Online Rummy App to Play

More and more rummy gamblers prefer to play on mobile devices that are always at their fingertips. Advances in technology have allowed the creation of mobile applications that are almost as good as the regular full-size version but more convenient because they can be used at any time and in any environment. In addition, a special client program, downloaded and installed on a cell phone, allows you to play comfortably, without the distraction of finding a working mirror in case of a sudden blockage. Also, the application is insensitive to the quality of communication and the picture is not distorted in conditions of uncertain internet reception.

When deciding to download the application of the rummy game club on a mobile device running Android or iOS, there are several options from which the user chooses the most suitable for himself.

For iOS devices, the download can be made by finding the appropriate application in the AppStore. In this case, you will need to enter the ID code.

For Android devices, you can download online casinos with withdrawal money from the official site of PariMatch or other third-party sources.

Downloading from the PariMatch website takes less than a minute. To do this, you need to click on the icon with the appropriate icon indicating the type of software and download the APK file to your gadget.

Rummy in mobile app

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