Football Betting at Parimatch

Parimatch has been one of the leading online betting platforms since its foundation in 1994. It welcomes both seasoned bettors and newbies to bet on all sports popular in India with football in particular. Visiting the website or opening the mobile application, you will notice football as the primary sports players choose to bet on. All leading football matches and leagues are included in the betting markets with both pre-game and live bets. On the Parimatch football betting site, you will also find exclusive betting tips and predictions to base your bets on.

Parimatch Football Betting

How to Bet on Football?

Football is by far the biggest favorite with punters in India, hence Parimatch dedicates itself to suggesting the widest range of footy bets in the region. To bet on football at Parimatch, follow this instruction:

  1. Visit the PariMatch website;
  2. Sign up for an account with valid personal information;
  3. Verify your account by submitting the required doc files;
  4. Deposit using one of the suggested payment methods (all of them are proved credible);
  5. Access the betting panel to see the most popular current bets;
  6. Consider the football odds calculated by the site;
  7. Choose the event;
  8. Select the match;
  9. Choose the bet you feel most confident about;
  10. Click “Bet”;
  11. Complete the popup window with the necessary details;
  12. Click “Proceed”.

Now, when your bet on PariMatch football is already successfully placed, wait till the match begins, and see if your calculations and predictions were true.

How to Bet on Football?

Football Betting Options and Lines

Whether you have participated in sports betting before or not, you must have heard that there are different types of betting, especially when it concerns football. Most leading bookmakers similarly model their football wagers so that the betting is straightforward both for experienced and new bettors. In the PariMatch football section, you will see all standard betting options and lines. Here is a chart with the necessary details:

1×2 Bets (Three-Way Bet)Betting on this money line, you wager that the winner will be either the home team or the guest team, or there will be a draw. The draw skews the odds of this bet. Here you have two chances of losing and only one of winning.
Double Chance BetsWith this Parimatch football bet, you get two chances out of three to win. You place the bet either for Team 1 or Team 2, Team 1 or Draw, Team 2 or draw. The odds of this bet type are low.
Total BetsOtherwise known as soccer spreads, goal-liners, or overs/unders, the bet type presumes on the total number of goals to be scored during the football match, per team, or per half. Here you don’t give a precise number of goals to be scored. Instead, you bet the result will be under or over the figures predicted by PariMatch.
Exact GoalsGuessing the exact number of goals for such an unpredictable sport as football will be very difficult. Yet, the odds for this bet are very high. By the way, the most common football score is 1:0, and more than 3 goals are rarely scored at a football match.
Correct ScoreThis is even a more difficult bet as many things can determine the exact score of a football match. The odds of a Correct Score bet are sky-high, so are the risks of losing it.
HandicapThis is an advanced betting type. It presumes to start the match with a predetermined goal advantage to one of the teams. It’s defined as -1, -2, etc.
Odd/EvenThis PariMatch football bet is guesswork. You bet on whether the final score of the match will be an even or odd number. The final score is determined by both teams’ goals.
Halftime/Fulltime BetsThe bet presumes to guess which team will be leading at halftime or full-time of the match.

Parimatch Football Betting

Football Betting Odds and Tips

Football odds at PariMatch are a numerical representation of the possibility of your prediction coming true. The higher the chance for a certain bet to end with a win, the lower the financial reward will be. Consequently, the football odds for that bet will be low, too. Betting on rare possible results, on the other hand, presumes higher odds and bigger wins.

There are different formats of stating football odds. At PariMatch, however, they use the decimal odds, which is easy to read and understand.

This online bookmaker offers some of the most beneficial football odds for players in India. On football events, the average odds are 95.4%. It’s the highest odds by this online sportsbook.

Betting Tips

Football betting is quite complicated, and one shouldn’t walk into it blindly. Whether you are a beginner or already an experienced bettor at Parimatch, having a couple of working football betting tips at hand will make your chances of winning bigger. If you aim at getting some profit from your betting experience, consider the following tips by betting experts:

  • Know the teams: Base your betting on the knowledge of the playing teams, their strengths and weaknesses to determine which one has better chances of winning the match;
  • Check for rivalries: If the playing teams are rivals, expect a hot match with lots of yellow (or even red) cards, penalties, and goals;
  • Check the weather: Take into consideration if the team is accustomed to those weather conditions it is supposed to play;
  • Record your bets: Keep a tally of the bets you have wagered and what outcomes you had. If you see you are on a losing streak, you should revise your betting strategy.

Football Betting Odds and Tips

Football Betting Bonuses

Bonus of Your First Bet on Football Match

Parimatch welcomes new players with a signup bonus. By creating an account and depositing up to 20, 000 Rupees, you will get a 150% match bonus. You can use the bonus money on football betting.

Live Football Betting

Live Football Streaming

PariMatch has greatly invested in live streaming. Today bettors can watch football matches in real-time right on the PariMatch football betting site while also placing in-match bets. Live bets are placed per one’s intuition and the ongoing nature of the game. The odds drastically waver.

Mobile Football Betting App

Decide to download the Parimatch football betting app and you won’t have to be tied to one place. The PariMatch functional mobile clients are available for both Android and iOS devices. Here are the system requirements for both OS:

OSiOS 8 and up5.0 and up

Mobile Football Betting App

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