Odds in Betting

Numerous factors ensure comfortable collaboration with the bookie, but its betting odds represent an essential characteristic that defines the entire experience with it. Bookmakers utilize these metrics to display the event’s mathematical probability. So, if a situation is unlikely to happen, its odds will be high. And inversely, the most probable events get the lowest odds.

It’s all logical and it’s easy to puzzle out how betting rates work. However, while shopping around different betting sites, you will notice that one separate event will have a bit of variable odds at different bookmakers. And this is the question of the generosity and serviceability of each bookie. Our mission then is to provide Indian gamblers with the top platforms offering the best betting odds.

Odds in Betting

What’s the Best Website with High Odds in India?

Today’s bettor has a broad choice of bookmakers whose services are accessible for the Indian region. Although estimating them all in order to pick the very site one needs might be time-sapping for an average bettor, our experts are keen on such uphill tasks and ready to announce the platform with the best sports betting odds to come across in India. Their stubborn efforts have brought us the name of this bookie – it is Parimatch.

Parimatch Offers Best Sports Odds in India

At the time being, Parimatch ranks among the top-advanced bookmakers in Europe and Asia. This reputed operator has won the hearts of over 14 million bettors thanks to its client-oriented services including attractive betting odds.

Customers appreciate Parimatch for its convenience and reliability. They love its up-to-date intuitively manageable website together with abundant bonus programs and promotions from the bookie.

As to the Indian clients, they can expect to find their top-preferred sports like Cricket and Horse Races equipped with the best options. And we reassure you, Parimatch’s cricket betting odds, Horse Racing odds, and the rest won’t disappoint you.

Thus, do not waste your time comparing piles of bookmakers. Follow Parimatch and enjoy the best odds for your favorite events together with Live options and other incredible advantages!

Best Indian Website in High Odds

Types of Sports Betting Odds

Essentially, no matter which variant is employed, odds tell us the same info. However, they can do this in several ways, Thus, we receive three major types of their representation.

Decimal Type

We begin with the globally preferred type of how odds can be expressed. India is no exception and this area’s bettors favor this betting odds type, too. Why? Because it is very simple to understand. For instance, let us imagine we want to bet on a match between contestants A and B. Then our bookie may deliver us the below-stated odds displayed in form of a decimal:

Winner ADraw
Winner B1.50

On a large scale, this variant indicates the total one may win.

Decimal Type Odds

Fractional Type

This betting rates variant is common to see by the UK and Irish bookmakers, so it is usually called the UK or British Type. It may seem untypical to the Indian bettor, however, one may easily read the fractional form of odds, too. If proceeding with a similar instance, we can have such betting odds represented as fractions:

Winner CDrawWinner D
3/2 or 3-269/20 or 69-207/2 or 7-2

For Team C, the odds display that its winning chances are evaluated as 3 to 2. That is, the bookie is ready to pay 3 rupees for every 2 rupees placed on the victory of this Team.

Fractional Type Odds

Moneyline Type

American betting odds or US odds are also common names for this variant. Obviously, the area in which this type is usually employed includes the United States and Canada. It might confuse the Indian bettor since the odds might be expressed as follows:

Winner EWinner F

Here, the betting rates indicate which team is regarded as the favorite and which represents the match’s underdog. Thus, our bookmaker suggests that Team E with negative odds is highly likely to win while Team F with positive odds is expected to lose the game.

Moneyline Type Odds

How to Use Betting Odds?

Since we got acquainted with all types, it won’t be difficult to study how to put them into practice. So, let’s go back to our examples and get the explanation for each variant:


Remember our match between Teams A and B?

Team ADrawTeam B

Say, we have wagered 1,000 rupees on Team A with betting odds of 1.50. Then Team A wins and we grab:

1,000 x 1.50 = 1,500 rupees with a profit of 500 rupees

The calculations are the same when we bet on Team B. Although the rates tell us its chances are remote, let us figure out that the contestant somehow manages to win. According to betting odds of 3.50 and the wager of 1,000 rupees, our winning will equal:

1,000 x 3.50 = 3,500 rupees

We will return the wagered sum plus 2,500 rupees of profit!

Thus, a simple multiplying is what one needs to cope with decimal odds.

Decimal Type


Team CDrawTeam D

To estimate our potential win, we multiply the bet amount by the betting odds’ fractional fixed for Team C and add our initial bet sum to the result.

Imagine we have betted the same thousand rupees on Team C and it wins. Then, we will be paid back:

3 x 1,000 / 2 + 1,000 = 2,500 rupees

Fractional Type


Team ETeam F

These sports betting odds ought to be read differently regarding their mathematical sign. It is easier to understand through an example.

Thus, our negative indices for Team E mean we ought to wager 125 rupees on it to win 100. While we will win 105 rupees when we stake 100 rupees on Team F with the positive odds for betting.

Here, the sum of our bet is added to the win, too. Thus, when Team E wins and we have staked on it, we hit:

100 + 125 = 225 rupees

The victory of Team F in its turn will bring us the payout of:

105 + 100 = 205 rupees

in total if we risk betting on it.

Moneyline Type

Live Odds in Real-Time to Bet

Sports betting odds can be Live the same way as betting options. You will see them when opting for in-play betting. The option permits you to wager right throughout the competition as it unfolds in real-time.

What distinguishes Live Odds is that they are not fixed – on the contrary, these betting odds will change according to the circumstances. Let us assume that the match from our first example has just begun. If the bookie allows In-Play for it, there will be Live odds attached to it.

The indices may remain the same at the start, so you might see the betting rates of 1.50 for Team A and 3.50 for Team B. Imagine Team A scores in the 5th minute – now its chances improve yet more. So, the bookie is sure to cut the odds for this team. However, miracles can happen. When Team B scores twice, say, thanks to a penalty and to an own goal, the bookie might raise the betting odds for Team A and cut those for Team B.

Thus, you understand that live odds are dynamic and depend on how the whole event unfolds.

Live Odds

Betting Lines

Now it’s obvious – the betting line represents the entire set of markets available for the event with the betting odds fixed for them by the bookie. It commonly has a compact view with odds only for the victories and draws. To observe all markets for the exact event, you ought to click on the line to expand it.

Your bookie’s website will display piles of such lines for each separate event. However, now you know how to read betting lines no matter which type of betting odds is employed to build them and whether it is a Live or Pre-Match mode of betting.

Parimatch Betting Lines

How does Parimatch Give Odds?

Parimatch permits stakes on 25+ sports, including such Indian top-admired varieties as horse races and cricket. Expect over 50 types of markets accepted for them, some of which you would scarcely find with other bookmakers.

As to betting odds, the preselected format of them on Parimatch is decimal. This is very convenient for the Indian bettor. However, any type may be employed to indicate the odds. You set it by signing up and can choose either a fractional or American representation, too.

A quick overview is enough to see how beneficial the betting odds are at Parimatch. We invite you to join in betting with this top-rank operator!

How Does Parimatch Give Odds

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