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If you are an excellent bluffer, do not succumb to provocations, and have nerves of steel, then you have every chance of becoming good at playing poker online. Unlike many other online casino games, skill plays a more significant role than luck. Poker is a legendary game that has always been a calling card for many gambling places. To understand the scale of its popularity, it should be noted that often online casinos, including Parimatch, create a separate application exclusively for this game and its variations. However, Indian members of the website can still enjoy poker by joining one of the numerous tables presented in the correspondent category. If you are a keen poker player, you may find participating in regular tournaments quite an interesting offer. Luckily, Parimatch holds poker tournaments both for enthusiastic amateurs and more advanced players.

Parimatch Online Poker

How to Start Playing Poker at Parimatch?

To enjoy some online poker at Parimatch, you will need to create an account in the first place. Even if you are just a beginner and have never tried the game before, you can do it for free only after completing a registration procedure. Here is a step-by-step guide for signing up at Partimatch in India:

  1. While on the official website, find the “sign up” button and click on it;
  2. If you are using an “.in” domain, you will be asked to enter your Indian phone number by default;
  3. Come up with a secure and complicated password;
  4. Read the terms and conditions and check off the box below;
  5. You will then be transferred to the page of phone verification, where you will be asked to enter a 6-digit code sent on your phone.

That’s pretty much all you need to do to create an account at the Parimatch website. To play poker for real money, you might as well be asked to prove your identity when withdrawing winnings.

In case you wish to register and play via mobile phone, the procedure itself is identical. You can either access the Parimatch poker site through a phone browser or download an app. It is solely up to you which to choose, given that both of those ways are convenient and well-optimized. Please note that while iOS users can get their application directly from the AppStore, owners of Android devices must install the app by downloading the apk file from the official Parimatch website.

How to start playing online poker

Types of Poker Games You Can Play in India Online

Over more than 25 years of online casinos existence, it’s hard to imagine any other game that would outshine poker, or even come close to its popularity. Being such an iconic game, no wonder poker has multiple variations that players can try out at Parimatch. Take a look at the most loved types of poker at Parimatch in India.

Types of Online Poker

Texas Hold’em

Without a doubt, Texas Hold’em is one of the most widespread and popular types of poker. The reason being that it’s what many consider “classic” poker, the one that is oftentimes played at tournaments.

Rules: 2 to 10 players participate in a game from 1 table. After each player places his ante bet (a mandatory minimum amount), they are given 2 cards. In the course of subsequent rounds, 5 more cards will appear on the game board. The winner is the participant who can, using two of his own and five others cards on the table, make the strongest combination or force all opponents to fold.

Texas Poker

Stud Poker

This type of poker is one of the oldest ones out there. It is considered the most aggressive and dynamic form of poker. There are more cards involved in a game than in other types, which makes for more combinations, and chances to make the best hand respectively. Seven-card Stud, like no other type of poker, requires skills and the ability to adhere to certain rules and tactics, and therefore it is not recommended for beginners. Nonetheless, nobody stops you from trying Stud poker at the best poker site and getting into a more complicated, yet dynamic game.

Stud Poker

Pineapple Poker

Pineapple, or Chinese poker, is a rather extravagant version that has been gaining more popularity lately. The game begins with 5 cards face down to all the participants. After that, the players in the first position arrange them at their discretion in three boxes. Combinations in the boxes must be arranged in such a way that the top box is weaker than the middle one, and the middle box is weaker than the bottom box. Eventually, the game ends by calculating the score of all players. In the case of an equivalent combination on one of the lines (for example, two players both have a flush in the bottom box), no player will receive points for this hand.

Pineapple Poker

Live Poker with Dealers

Playing online poker with a live dealer tends to be so much more exciting and creates the right atmosphere of a real casino at the table. Live poker has always been popular since gamblers can communicate with a croupier, see the game in real-time, and make sure the gaming process is transparent and fair. Choose the live dealer table that suits your budget at Parimatch and explore poker at its fullest!

Online Poker Bonus for New Customers

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Live Poker With Dealers

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in India?

In most Indian states, playing online poker is not prohibited by the law, which means Indians are exposed to the best offers from Parimatch! Some people get confused because offline gambling activity is banned in India; however, it does not apply to online casinos and bookmakers.

Is it Legal to Play Poker in India?

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